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The .NET Framework is a popular development platform for building apps for Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Windows Azure. The .NET Framework platform includes the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, the common language runtime, and an extensive class library.

.NET Coding Standards For The Real World More Info
Advanced Topics in Win 8 Programming More Info
Adventures in ASP.NET MVC 4 and Azure More Info
Amazon Web Services in 60 minutes: The .NET edition More Info
ASP.NET MVC Using Kendo UI and the MVVM Pattern More Info
ASP.Net Web API from Top to Bottom More Info
Aspect Oriented Programming - Removing code clutter with cross-cutting concerns More Info
BDD with Visual Studio 2012 and SpecFlow More Info
Be asynchronous in .net More Info
boodiaBeiviva More Info
Building a DSL using an OData Data Source More Info
Building a Windows 8 app from scratch More Info
Building RESTful Web APIs with examples in ASP.NET Web API More Info
Claims Based Security with Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) and Azure Access Control Service (ACS) More Info
Code reuse in C# via inheritance, interfaces, extension methods and generics More Info
Crash Course in Windows 8 More Info
Dependency Injection: A Practical Introduction More Info
Developing Windows Services in C# More Info
IEnumerable, ISaveable, IDontGetIt: Understanding .NET Interfaces More Info
Improving your ASP.NET build and deployment process More Info
Intro to the Kinect for Windows SDK in C# More Info
LightSwitch - take it seriously More Info
Pex and Moles - 0% reason for < 100% coverage More Info
Sharing templates between server and client - An ASP.Net MVC View Engine More Info
T, Earl Grey, Hot: Generics in .NET More Info
Tips for building fast Multi-Touch Enabled Web Sites More Info
Web Sockets Are Not Just for Web Browsers More Info
Why on earth would anyone use .NET? More Info
Windows 8 Metro Style Apps for the Enterprise More Info


Talks on Agile practices such as SCRUM, Lean and eXtreme programming, software craftsmanship
A Lap Around Team Foundation Service and TFS 2012 More Info
Agile Success - Why Not Me Too? More Info
Agile Thinking More Info
Behavior-Driven Development More Info
Improving Processes with Scrum and Kanban More Info
Panel: Agile in the Real World More Info
The art of asking effective questions for Agile Coaches More Info
The Power of Knowing Your Users: Personas and Empathy Maps More Info
The Successful Integration of Product Management, User Experience, and Development More Info
Two Things You Must Have to be Agile More Info

Database (SQL/NoSQL)

Database (SQL/NoSQL)
CouchDB & Node.JS More Info
Implementing bi-temporal capabilities into a normal RDBMS More Info
Introduction to RavenDB More Info
MongoDB More Info

Design (UX/UI)

Design (UX/UI)
LESS/CSS More Info
Mental Models: Put on your user perspective goggles More Info

DevOps/System Administration

DevOps/System Administration
PowerShell: 0-useful in 50 minutes. More Info


AngularJS: Writing HTML of the Future More Info
Gamepad API and Mouse Lock use with HTML5 games More Info
HTML5 Gaming More Info
HTML5 Hacking! More Info
Sass: Imagining and Implementing Stylesheets Programatically More Info
Use HTML5, CSS3, & JavaScript to Create a Windows Store App Today! More Info


Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few. It's also integral to the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing.

Java for Beginners More Info
Using newer client side technologies with JEE More Info


JavaScript (JS) is an interpreted computer programming language.[5] It was originally implemented as part of web browsers so that client-side scripts couldinteract with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that was displayed.[5] More recently, however, it has become common in server-side programming, game development and the creation of desktop applications.

AngularJS Directives - DSL in Your HTML More Info
Beyond Dojo: The Rise of AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) More Info
Building a Client/Server Application With Backbone.js More Info
Building Web API's with Node.JS and MongoDB More Info
Building Windows Azure applications with Node.js More Info
CoffeeScript 101 or how I learned to stop worrying and love the sugar More Info
Creating your own Street View More Info
EnyoJS as a Framework for Great Justice More Info
Full Stack JavaScript More Info
Functional Programming with CoffeeScript More Info
Grunt/Yeoman: The New JavaScript Build Process More Info
How to take NoSQL webscale to the cloud without piping to /dev/null More Info
Javascript 101 More Info
JavaScript scope, invocation context, and inheritance deep dive. More Info
Messaging patterns via Websockets More Info
Node.JS 101 More Info
Star Search: Dojo Nano More Info
Structuring JavaScript Code - Techniques, Strategies, and Patterns More Info
TypeScript, what's the fuss all about? More Info


jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

The Real World: Backbone (2012) More Info

Mobile (Android/iOS/Microsoft)

Mobile (Android/iOS/Microsoft)
Android - Building More, With Less More Info
Android Action Bar with ActionBarSherlock More Info
Android Speech Recognition and Text-To-Speech - How to voice-enable your mobile application More Info
Core Image: Making Instagram Like Effects More Info
Introduction to Android Development More Info
iOS Dealing with photos and AlAssetsLibrary More Info
iOS Web Service Programming More Info
Managing Multiple Android App Markets with Conflicting Requirements More Info
Mobilize MongoDB! Application using the Titanium Framework More Info
Phonegap for Android More Info


Arduino 101 More Info
Branchs and Merges are Bears, Oh My More Info
Building Reliable Websites - Load and Performance More Info
Cloud Computing - Windows Azure - Building highly scalable web sites quickly and easily More Info
Command-Line Development More Info
Continuous Integration More Info
Developing a C Library Function from Scratch - Technical Interview Series More Info
Drupal 101 More Info
From Theory to Reality More Info
Fun with RFID and the Adafruit NFC Arduino Shield More Info
Geeks Anonymous More Info
Geeks Anonymous More Info
How To Survive The Technical Interview More Info
Hybrid Development Made Easy with Azure Service Bus and Neuron ESB More Info
Know Your Workplace Rights More Info
Making an Ontology for the Semantic Web More Info
Moving to the Dark Side - How to Break Into IT Management More Info
New to programming? Understanding Object-Oriented Programming Notation for the Newbie More Info
Parallel Processing on a Propeller More Info
Programming for the young (and young at heart) More Info
Projects Management Systems More Info
Raspberry Pi: What we have learned so far More Info
RS-232 on the Arduino More Info
SharePoint 2013 Development Deep Dive More Info
Single-Page Applications - Should you make the shift? More Info
Soft Skills for A Hard World Part I More Info
Soft Skills for a Hard World Part II More Info
The Learning Curve: Transforming Homework to Passion More Info
Thinking in Git More Info
Twas the night before malware More Info
Web & Application Graphics for Programmers and other non-artists. More Info
WebSockets Programming in .NET 4.5 and Windows Azure More Info
What Is A Pirate's Favorite Programming Language? An Introduction To Data Exploration With R Programming. More Info
What Is A Pirate's Favorite Programming Language? An Introduction To Data Exploration With R Programming. More Info
WordPress Plugin Boot Camp More Info


Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Getting started with Django More Info


BDD and Acceptance Testing with Cucumber More Info
Better Unit Tests with ApprovalTests: An Open Source Library More Info
Database Unit Testing Using Visual Studio 2010 More Info
Mockito More Info
QUnit More Info
Swing GUI Testing with FEST More Info
Unit testing the frontend... Navigating the minefield of client side testing. More Info


A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Ruby 101 More Info
Ruby on Rails for Aspiring Web Developers More Info